Customer Testimonials
Here is just a sample of the feedback and comments we get from Baby Mall customers!

Uli Piest, Tokyo
Dear Tony, Thanks so much for your professional, fast and uncomplicated service! The E3 explorer arrived a couple of days ago and it is already difficult to get our 2-year old daughter out - she sits so comfortably and definitely enjoys the rides.
We live in Tokyo, where space is an issue, in the opposite sense of Australia I suppose. Thus, when looking for a stroller for 2 (our son will be born in a few months) key issues were: a small frame to get around and in the subway and proper big wheels for maneuverability. After only a couple of days we are already very satisfied: Even with one kid, the difference is immense and strolls become fun again instead of tiresome exercise.
Initially, we were wondering whether it would be wise to order abroad, but your services convinced us otherwise. The delivery from Australia to Japan took only a good week, and getting some spare parts was equally easy. In essence, no difference to buying at the shop next door, except that in addition there is a nice email exchange.
I am sure that we will get lots of inquiries where we purchased such a lovely stroller - and will definitely recommend you.
Thanks again, Uli Piest, Tokyo

Paula and Sam Dekok Ballarat, Victoria
Hi Tony, Just a quick note to say thank you for the terrific service we received from your company. We placed an order to have a "Belly Belt" posted to Finland and it arrived in under a week, making our Finnish friends very happy.
Thanks again, Paula and Sam Dekok Ballarat, Victoria

Mathias and Sofia SWEDEN
Hi Tony, The Buggy has arrived now and we love what we see! Thank you so much for all your help and your fast replies.
Our second baby can be here any day now and it feels great to have it here already. Tyra-Li our, soon to be two-year old, daughter loves it too. She wants to take a ride all the time!
Love Mathias and Sofia SWEDEN

Clem & Emma Burgmann - NSW Aust
Many, many thanks for all your help! The replacement sling arrived yesterday, and it's a great relief not to snag the catch every time we fold/unfold it.
We really appreciate the good service we have always received from you and from Tony Gentilcore, and this is one of the reasons we recommend your prams (plus, of course, they're really well designed). So thanks again - hopefully this will be the last you hear from us! All the best
Clem & Emma Burgmann.

Carmel Arcangel - VIC Aust
Good morning. I have received my shoes for my daughter and I have to say how beautiful they are. Thank you very much for the quick service and delivery. Will recommend. Thanks Carmel Arcangel

Astrid Hoole - Sussex UK
Dear Tony, I haven't got round to thanking you for the speedy postage of those scrumptious shoes! I hadn't reckoned getting them at such short notice.
We were both very impressed! Ayla looked perfect for that Christening we went to in Germany...thanks so much for that extra bit of effort to get them to us in time!

Kellie Pooley - QLD Aust
Hi, Just a quick note to say 'thankyou' for such prompt service. I ordered the shoes on Wednesday arvo & the arrived at my door Friday morning. The shoes are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I have had comments on how cute they are already! Once again, thankyou & I will definitely be recommending you to others. Kellie Pooley. (a very satisfied customer)

Laura Cerier - USA
Dear Tony and Friends at Baby Paws, Here I am, ordering yet more pairs of your Bootz Baby Paws shoes! I cannot tell you how much I love these shoes! And whenever and where ever my twins (now 1 year old) are, people comment on the shoes.
So your Baby Paws have become my standard baby present. I just ordered 3 pairs of the shoes for friends, and another pair for myself, or I should say, for my daughter Rena.
I came very close to ordering from Buskins or Platy Paws, because their prices were a teeny bit less expensive, and the shipping was not as much. But in the end, I decided to come to the source because you have been so good to me. Thanks again. Laura Cerier

Kylie Yates - NSW
Dear Tony, We've been extremely impressed by the lengths you've gone to to organise things for us. Now I understand why your website had so many glowing references. The cot arrived safely and we are very pleased with it. We are all looking froward to our holiday. Thanks, Kylie Yates

Kendra Mitchel VIC Aust
Just wanted to send you a quick email. I made an online order last Friday and yesterday (Monday) I received my new baba sling. I couldn't believe how quick you got it to me - just wanted to congratulate you on the brilliant service and say thanks very much!!! Kind Regards, Kendra

Nicky Vitlich - VIC Aust
Hi, Whilst browsing on the Net last week I stumbled across your website. For weeks I have been tantalised by the amazing products available in the US for children, sadly none were available to Australia (or shipping costs were outrageous).
That is until NOW. The trikes you had on offer seemed perfect and I was so impressed that I ordered the dual purpose rocker trike. The rocker arrived yesterday (a mere 4 business days after being ordered!) and my 14 month old daughter was THRILLED!! She clapped her hands and giggled and couldn't wait to be pushed around. (I know your recommendation is for 2 years, but she is a tall child with advanced skills so she was more than able to use the trike under supervision).
I only have one should come with a manual on how to get your child OFF or away from it long enough to feed/bathe/dress them or put them to bed! She loves it so much I had to put it in another room so I could get her to do anything. This little trike is going to make our daily walk a breeze and I can see it being a huge hit with all my daughters little friends. Rest assured I will be giving your company the highest praise and recommending your products to everyone I know. Regards, Nicky Vitlich

Simone Koster - NSW Aust
Thank you very much for the shoes I received them in record time. Since then I have been telling my friends about Baby Paws and how satisfied I am with your product and service. Thanks again, Simone Koster

Teiva Domingo - Tahiti
Hello from Tahiti, Thank you for your service and professionalism. I received my product on aug 28th and it was ordered on aug 26th. That's incredible! Thanks again and see you soon on the web again. Teiva Domingo