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The Aries Baby

21st March to 20th April.

  • Favourite phrase: "Me First"
  • Good Points: Courageous, energetic, adventurous, loving
  • Bad Points: Demanding, quick-tempered, impatient

You'll always know when an Arien baby is around - he's impossible to ignore. If you do, persistent cries of protest will quickly shatter the peace... and your nerves! Your active little Arien, born under the sign of the ram, must always be kept busy and entertained, so you may find it very difficult to make time for yourself. The Aries baby is definately the boss, demanding constant attention but always returning love with lots of hugs and cuddles. However, this is also the sign that needs the most discipline during early childhood. As Arien children have boundless energy and very determined characters - you'll need to set down firm rules from the start. The impetuous little daredevil can often be accident-prone, so you'll need to keep a close eye on your young adventurer. Boisterous, playful games will bring either shrieks of laughter or plaintive tears. From birth, this roguish child will keep you on your toes - a guarantee that life will never be dull!

The Taurus Baby

21st April to 21st May

  • Favourite phrase: "That's mine!"
  • Good Points: Patient, enduring, determined, affectionate
  • Bad Points: Stubborn, inflexible, possessive

There's no point in trying to force your Taurean baby into doing something that she doesn't want to do. She'll just noisily stamp her feet of fold her arms with bullish determination until you finally get the message. Try feeding a Taurean baby anything but her favorite food and her mouth will stay firmly clamped shut, only opening for a deafening wail of disapproval. The best antidote for an attack of defiant stubbornness is a loving kiss and cuddle. In years to come, those strong vocal cords could be put to a much more melodic use as many Taurean children have beautiful singing voices. Your Taurean child will adore open displays of warmth and affection - she'll need to feel secure and surrounded by love. But even from an early age, she may appear possessive and stubborn. Patiently and gently, introduce her to the world of compromise and sharing. Yours is a determined, persevering child - quick to learn from her mistakes. Taureans are born artists so it's a good idea to buy lots of coloured crayons and pencils to indulge her imaginative talents.

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The Gemini Baby

22nd May to 21st June.

  • Favourite phrase: "I'm bored"
  • Good Points: Versatile, clever, intellectual, spontaneous
  • Bad Points: Restless, inconsistent, changeable

Gemini children, born under the sign of the twins, are restless, inquisitive and constantly alert. You may as well buy yourself a computer or encyclopedia now because the first word your Gemini toddler will ask is "why?" and once this begins, it never ends! Even as a toddler, his vivid imagination and fascinating tales will keep you constantly entertained. Your little Gemini bundle of fun will soon learn the benefits of occasionally st-r-et-ch-ing the truth but it's just story telling. Here we have a budding writer. Gemini children tire very quickly of boring routines and need stimulation - books and puzzles are a must. A Gemini toddler will often outshine his playmates intellectually although it can sometimes be difficult to get your little fidget to sit still or keep quiet. Possessing a brilliant sense of humour and a sense of excitement, it will be very hard to stop your Gemini from constantly chattering, laughing and getting lots of mischief!

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The Cancer Baby

22nd June to 22nd July.

  • Favourite phrase: "Love me, hug me, kiss me!"
  • Good Points: Sensitive, kind, loving, protective, sympathetic
  • Bad Points: Moody, over-emotional, hypersensitive

Playing with your Cancerian baby will be lots of fun, but expect unpredictable mood changes to be as frequent as nappy changes. Cancerian children, born under the sign of the crab, are more emotional and delicate than any other sign of the zodiac and adore being cuddled and fussed over. Little Cancerians constantly need to feel safe and secure. They will often be found snuggling up in their parents' arms, and they thrive in the warmth and comfort of their homes. They won't like any changes, especially at home, as their security lies in things remaining the same and in familiar surroundings and in familiar routines. Your Cancerian child is really affectionate, but do beware; this extreme sensitivity means her feelings are easily wounded. Her moods will swing between tears and laughter. There's no need to scold her harshly when she's naughty - just showing you're upset and your feelings have been hurt will produce sorry tears. She may cry easily as a child but in later years she'll grow into a sympathetic, kind and much-loved adult whose greatest gift will be heartfelt compassion for others.

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The Leo Baby

23rd July to 23rd August

  • Favourite phrase: "I'm the boss!"
  • Good Points: Generous, kind, loyal, fun-loving, broadminded
  • Bad Points: Conceited, bossy, too proud

Leo Babies are born show-offs and, from day one, your little lion will dominate the household. Leo children are the most generous, vivacious and happy-go-lucky sign of the zodiac. But expect deafening roars of protest if they don't get their own way. Leo children are born actors and love taking centre-stage, creating a lot of drama and excitement all around them. He'll create his own little kingdom from an early age, with playmates willingly accommodating his commands. Encourage this innate sense of leadership while also making it clear he can't always be the boss. But never dampen his spirits unnecessarily or scold him in front of others. All Leos are born with immense dignity and no matter how young, his ego will be easily damaged and his pride easily shattered. Your young Leo will love company and will crave attention from those around him. And when it comes to cleaning up after himself, forget it! A Leo child is far too dignified for such menial tasks as keeping his bedroom tidy. This commanding child, full of charm, may occasionally test your patience to its limits... but isn't it wonderful to have royalty in the family?

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The Virgo Baby

24th August to 23rd September.

  • Favourite phrase: "Do It My Way"
  • Good Points: Intelligent, tidy, alert, perfectionist
  • Bad Points: Fussy, over-meticulous, a born worrier

Routine and precision are important to a Virgo baby and his feeds, baths, and playtime must follow the same daily pattern. The Virgo baby is intelligent, attentive and active, but is also blessed with gentleness and serenity. As toddlers and children, Virgos quickly become responsible little people who enjoy being told how grown-up they are. His role models? Mum and Dad of course! Your capable, practical little Virgo wants to be taken seriously at all times, demanding from an early age to be allowed to stand on his own two feet. Virgos are very neat and even as toddlers they will be forever organising themselves and others. But take care this natural leadership doesn't become bossiness. Born with a keen intelligence, quick-minded Virgos only need to be told once if they have done something wrong - the mistake won't be repeated (it's a matter of pride). They also love to dress smartly, with matching clothes and shoes, so encourage this natural style. Little Virgos may be shy with strangers but there'll be no shortage of affection for those he loves... and in the years to come, he'll be your very best friend.

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The Libra Baby

24th September to 23rd October.

  • Favourite phrase: "I Can't Make Up My Mind"
  • Good Points: Charming, easy-going, friendly, loving
  • Bad Points: Indecisive, changeable, extravagant, naive

Libran babies collect compliments with their beautiful, sweet looks from the day they are born. When they smile, the enchanting magic lights up the whole room. A little Libran can melt the hardest of hearts, responding to adoration gracefully with appreciation and applause. He soon learns that smiling can work miracles to help him get what he wants. However, Libran children should always be encouraged to make their own decisions, in their own time, even if it does seem ages before they decide which foot to put their sock on first. If your toddler is reluctant to do something, it's not because he's lazy, it's just that little Librans generally take longer over tasks than other children because all decisions have to be well-balanced and considered thoughtfully and carefully beforehand. So try to be patient while he makes up his mind. Vibrant colourful clothes will catch his eye from an early age, but watch your bank balance - little Librans have an eye for quality and can have expensive tastes. A born performer, his Thespian and musical talents should be nurtured... you could be producing a star!

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The Scorpio Baby

24th October to 22nd November.

  • Favourite phrase: "That's my secret!"
  • Good Points: Determined, powerful, emotional, strong
  • Bad Points: Secretive, jealous, stubborn

Your Scorpio baby is born with an air of mystery about her: she'll cast a spell over you with her penetrating, intense eyes. From the day she's born, she'll show signs of pride and determination. And don't be fooled by that calm, quiet temperament - it can disguise a very powerful inner strength and defiance. Scorpio children can be very up-front and outspoken, but they also need a great deal of privacy. Their thoughts, like their favourite toys, will often be hidden away in a secret place that nobody can find, but don't try to hide any secrets from your exceptionally intuitive toddler! Your Scorpio toddler was born with a sixth sense and will have an uncanny ability to "mind-read" everyone else's secrets - nothing can be hidden from her. She'll love to surprise you, and she constantly will. However, being intensely emotional, Scorpios are the most jealous and aggressive of all the signs. They enjoy a sense of conflict - compromise not being their strongest point. Outdoor activities and sports will be a favourite, and as it's a good way to release all that aggressive energy, expect lots of rough-and-tumble play.

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The Sagittarius Baby

23rd November to 21st December.

  • Favourite phrase: "I understand"
  • Good Points: Optimistic, loving, sincere, honest
  • Bad Points: Restless, careless, unreliable, unpredictable

Sagittarian babies are born with knowing eyes. They will hypnotise you with their calmness and sense of understanding and wisdom. But it won't take long for your baby to smile, and this will soon be followed by gurgling laughter. Sagittarian children are the most adventurous of all the signs and need freedom to explore and experiment. But don't be tempted to try to fool your intelligent toddler with statements like "Teddy's eaten his breakfast, now why don't you eat yours?" The curt and logical reply from your clever Sagittarian may well be, "Teddies don't eat breakfast - they just cuddle!" Sagittarian children love games and sports, and girls enjoy rough and tumble play as much as boys. School will be a delight and they learn very quickly, often leaving their classmates behind but they are always patient with playmates. Little Sagittarians are free spirits so try not to put too many restrictions on yours, Encourage him to make his own decisions and be mare assertive, but never inhibit his natural instincts to explore and play. In return, his trust and loyalty will be boundless.

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The Capricorn Baby

22nd December to 20th January.

  • Favourite phrase: "I'm all grown up"
  • Good Points: Trustworthy, intelligent, disciplined, ambitious
  • Bad Points: Conventional, critical, over-cautious, fussy

Capricorn babies may astound you and make you feel slightly unnerved with their mystifying maturity. When your baby looks at you with those serious, intelligent eyes, you'll be left wondering exactly who is the child, and who is the parent! Much to your disappointment, baby talk will soon be replaced by more sensible unintelligible, chatter. Practical Capricorn children just cant wait to be all grown up; they're extremely disciplined and responsible, taking all their tasks much more seriously than their playmates. Your astute little Capricorn learns quickly, and once an idea is grasped it will never be forgotten. So be prepared to attend all her school prize-giving ceremonies. Open displays of anger are rare and are only likely to occur when you don't take her words of wisdom seriously. Just because she's only little, it doesn't mean she doesn't know what's best! Being more timid and shy than other more out-going zodiac signs, she'll never deliberately draw attention to herself. Don't worry if at times she seems a little inhibited in company - in later years her caution will be a blessing. In any case, once a friendship is formed it will last and last - probably through teenage years and into adulthood. This child's loyalty knows no limits.

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The Aquarius Baby

21st January to 18th February.

  • Favourite phrase: "Look at ME"
  • Good Points: Independant, friendly, creative, original, loyal
  • Bad Points: Rebellious, unconventional, unpredictable

You'll know right from the start that your Aquarian baby is exceptional. He will be inventive, independent and charming and will quickly want to do things for himself. Conventional attitudes will be disregarded from the moment he can walk and talk. Attracted by anything that's exciting, unusual and predictable, the Aquarian child is always looking to the future. He'll adore electronic gadgets, computers, new inventions, and will believe in flying saucers. He'll also be very lovable and always full of fun. He's a born show-off - encourage any signs of musical and dramatic ability. School will be a place to make lots of new friends, and being the most social sign of the zodiac - expect him to invite them all home for tea! When he's not entertaining friends, he'll bring home every stray cat or dog in the neighbourhood. Your unpredictable Aquarian toddler will make every day an adventure and any attempt to enforce a strict schedule will be met with stubborn resistance. Let's face it - you'll never know what to expect from one day to the next!

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The Pisces Baby

19th February to 20th March.

  • Favourite phrase: "I believe in..."
  • Good Points: Sensitive, compassionate, kind, intuitive
  • Bad Points: Indecisive, vague, easily confused

Your Piscean baby arrived on a magical moonbeam: she's a gentle, delicate, sensitive child who'll drown you in a sea of love. She'll believe in fairies, elves, ghosties and goblins. At bedtime, soothe her with a gentle, dreamy lullaby, and later on with romantic fairy tales and make-believe. This dreamy child desperately needs love, nurturing and support. Without it, her behaviour can be moody and erratic. Schedules won't be accepted easily so you may find it difficult to set up a daily routine. After all, why should she eat and drink, and go to sleep just because a silly clock on the wall says to! Preferring to learn by instinct and intuition, your toddler could soon tire of school rules. From day one, you'll have to instil a certain amount of discipline, but make sure that you introduce your toddler to the real world slowly and patiently, or you may stifle her natural creativity and active imagination. Encourage your budding creative genius to turn dreams into reality, either through play-acting, writing short poems or stories, or drawing and painting. She's gentle, affectionate and vulnerable; you'll also notice how quickly your toddler can be moved to tears. But this will transform into her greatest gift - a trusting, compassionate and sympathetic nature.

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Reproduced with permission of Australian Mother & Baby magazine